Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Well, I guess this is where I'm supposed to be all professional and introduce you to my blog.

So...welcome to my blog! Here's where you can find updates and news about my studio.

The latest news is that I'm expanding my studio to include photography of a more domestic nature. I'd almost forgotten how much I loved taking pictures of kids and pets and ordinary people...who usually turn out to be anything but "ordinary." I was quickly reminded at the first wedding of the year, which was practically overrun with children (that's a good thing.) I shouldn't say this, but I had so much fun pointing the camera at the kids, I nearly forgot who was supposed to be in the spotlight. A few parents asked if I did kid's pictures and I didn't hesitate to say "why yes, I do!" (Then made a quick note to self: start doing kid photos again.)

So here I am, new portfolio website under construction, playing with kids and animals is grand.

oh man...

Well, it's official...I've jumped the bandwagon and started a blog.

....what's my world coming to?.....