Monday, July 20, 2009

Britany and Nick ~ engagement!

I found this photograph in an antique store about a week before Britany & Nick's engagement session. I love how this scene would have been perceived as being "racy" during the time it was taken. But I'm still quite moved by how innocent and passionate it is at the same time. I feel like I know a little bit about them as a couple. This is what I strive for during your engagement sessions...your photos should allow your friends and family a glimpse into who you are together, regardless of how silly, proper, crazy, romantic, extroverted, or quiet you are....or a private record just for yourselves. Don't worry what other couples are doing or what people will think...these photos are about YOU.

Britany & Nick have been together for seven years...they're 22. What a great foundation to have grown up together. The first photo I took of them had to be a tribute to the photo above. They nailed it.

But this one is my favorite. These guys have way too much fun together.

We took a little break to watch these two boys fight over a girl. The poor guy on the left lost...he swam slowly off down the stream.

(Please refer to page 2, paragraph 3 of your planning guide...hahaha)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lori and Nate's Wedding!

I was so pleased to start off the season with Lori and Nate's wedding in Kentucky! I went to Lori's parents' home to document the preparations and Kate went to Nate's. I called to see how things were going when she echoed my thoughts by saying everything was really relaxed and "everyone here is soooo coool." It was bound to be a great day.

Really lovely outside...everything was just starting to bud.

After the ceremony, I left with Lori and Nate in an antique car to head down to the water. We knew in advance that we'd be racing against the setting sun, but they were so relaxed about it, that I wasn't worried in the least. The light was fleeting by the minute, but we worked with it and ended up with some great shots!

Lori looked so beautiful and I love how she paid close attention to all the details.

Now this is an entrance ~

Ok, so you know how much I love "That Guy" at the wedding...there's always one of them. Well, they were ALL "That Guy" at this wedding. I don't think I've ever seen so many young, happy, crazy guys at one party. It was fantastic. I would have to say that Nate's brother below was the ring leader.

More and more fun!

Thanks, Lori & Nate for a wonderful start to the season!

{ dress ~ Bridal Designs / Nate's suit ~ Banana Republic / cake ~ The Bonbonerie / flowers ~ Dan @ Vine St. Flower Co., 859.240.4844 / reception venue ~ The Madison }