Saturday, June 28, 2008

corrinn & greg's wedding

One night in Chicago, Corrinn's friends insisted she go back inside the bar and give her phone number to the guy with whom she was speaking. Strange how fate works. Had she declined, Greg may never have seen her again, and none of us would ever be blessed by witnessing the beautiful wedding below.

I got to the Lakes Country Club a wee bit early (45 minutes...) and didn't mind at all, seeing how it gave me time to really take a good look around and get some shots of the details. Jan from Flowers on Orchard Lane was there with these incredible flowers. She'd placed the brown orchids in on a last minute whim and everyone agreed it was the perfect detail for Corrinn's bouquet.

I personally love this dress so much, it defies grammar: most favoritest ever. I think I actually squealed as I unzipped the garment bag and I know I stood there with my mouth hanging open like a guppy at feeding time.... The tiers on the skirt are made of fine pleated gauze and ribbons of antiqued lace. It had such graceful movement when Corrinn walked and danced.

I'd only met Greg five minutes before this shot was taken. He's one of those guys who's immediately likable and he and all the guys were great sports when it came to picture time.

Corrinn made jewelry for all the girls. Each set was a little different and complimented each girl perfectly.

I love seeing all the details come together during the pre-wedding preparations. The dress, the mother of pearl strands, the delphiniums in her hair...Corrinn's whole look was so delicate and pretty.

A severe thunderstorm rolled in shortly before the ceremony and thankfully cooled down the air. Afterward, the light made the whole tent glow.

Here's a great shot Kate got from the back of the ceremony.
This cup has been passed down through the generations of Greg's family and has been used in wedding ceremonies for the whole past century!

This next one may be my favorite from the day. I told them I was done with pictures and this happened as I was walking up the hill from the lake's edge. My 200mm lens is my best friend at weddings....
Early in the day, since Corrinn's sister and I were the only ones there, she asked if I would pretend to be an audience so she could practice her toast. It was sweet and funny, ending with reference to finding the love of one's life next to a barrel of bar peanuts. Her delivery was flawless, as you can see.

Mmmmmmm....cake from the Suisse Shop.

hahahaha! (Thanks, Joshua!)
There are tons more I would love to post, but they'll have to wait for the full slideshow. To Corrinn & Greg in Chicago: thanks so much for having me at your lovely wedding!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


You may notice that the images in the post below have a new little logo on them... I've been working on this for awhile now and it's time to announce it. Kate and Christa will now be working out of my sister studio. I'm happy to announce that *Print has officially been launched! If you're already booked with Kate or Christa, there's nothing to worry about, nothing has changed except their business cards. :)

Some exciting new news will be announced in the coming weeks, so check back soon for the website launch, some specials, and....a contest!

Below, you'll find Kate's first wedding of the year. It's a beauty.

jen & josh's wedding - photographed by kate

So here I am, sitting on my couch at 1am, lights flickering, the sound of tornado sirens still ringing in my ears and windows rattling from the thunder. That's fine. I've been dying to post Jen & Josh's wedding photos anyway!

Kate was behind the camera for Jen & Josh's wedding at the Darby House. It was actually there that J&J found me during Darby House's tasting party. I knew right away that we'd all be a good match; it's great when someone looks at your work and they just "get" it. Kate called me right after their engagement session and went on about how cute they were together. She really enjoyed working with them during their lovely wedding day, too.

So here are some favorites:

In case you're wondering what this big fuzzy thing is, it's the paw of the Darby House's resident lion. He thinks he's scary, but he's pretty cute.

In almost all of the photos of Jen & Josh during the ceremony, they're gazing at each other like no one else is there...

...or laughing!Their little girl helped with the butterfly release.

Best garter fight ever.

Congratulations, Jen & Josh!