Friday, October 21, 2011

Andrea + Jeff Get Married! { by kitty }

I clearly recall my first meeting with Andrea... which was all of 30 minutes, if memory serves.  It was very clear that the wedding was going to be a small, intimate, no fuss, relaxed get together.  And that it was!

The dress: Wow. Pink!  Love it.

Fun moment: Andrea giggling during the bridal portraits due to feeling like a "fake model"...when in fact, she did a fantastic job.

 Favorite thing about Andrea & Jeff's portrait session: they are excellent cuddlers and easily make each other laugh.  Second favorite thing: their little son in his teeny suit.
 The aesthetics melded seamlessly into the Bridal Garden at Franklin Park Conservatory.  Everything was soft and light and airy.  Caroline and I couldn't stop taking photos of the arrangements by TeAmo Flowers and the ephemera by On Paper.

Fabulous thing: flavored lemonaid and punch outside for guests before the ceremony.  Great idea for hot wedding days!
 Practical thing: Ohio weather is about as predictable as a wild animal and the forecasts change by the minute.  It looked like it would hold off, but there in the middle of the ceremony, it decided to rain.  I keep that pretty antique brolly in my car for such occasions and I was glad to have it on hand - Andrea and Jeff braved through the shower and continued on.  Funny moment: the officiant asking "Can I put this down now? My arm's getting tired!" - the rain had stopped about 5 minutes beforehand. :)
 More fabulous things: calligraphied favor bags doubling as seating cards, macarons, little suitcases full of fun "busy" toys for the kids.
 "Awww" moment: Andrea and Jeff finishing their first dance with their son in their arms.

Andrea's dress: Vera Wang, spring 2011 - Bridal and Formal, Cinci / Andrea's hair: Beth Seitz / Andrea's makeup: Leigh Ann Ehmann / venue: Franklin Park Conservatory / flowers: TeAmo Flowers via Flowers on Orchard Lane / cake: Jan Kish ~ La Petite Fleur / macarons: Pistacia Vera / invitations, programs, etc: On Paper

Mary + Josh Get Married! {by Kitty}

So um, the images from Mary & Josh's beautiful wedding have been sitting here forever waiting for me to write commentary.  And I've said this (to myself and on this blog) several times before - I'm not hired for my writing skills and I'd much rather the images tell the story themselves.  However, I don't really want to be so impersonal (because while I'm a spectator, it's still personal to me) as to simply post images and say nothing, I'm going to try something new: Cliff Notes.  It will be funny to see if I can make a long story short (verbally, at least.) :)

So...Mary and Josh:

Great Idea: Mary gave her bridesmaids these beautiful matching kimono style robes to wear while they were getting ready.  You'll have to wait for the slideshow to see them (and I plan to make a "where to get them" post in the near future) but it really made for pretty photos!

Awesome thing about the ceremony: Very accommodating priest who allowed us to use common sense and good taste in regards to moving about the church to get good angles.  There was also a fair amount of laughter (and plenty of tears in the pews.)  Mary's mom's face as she watched her come up the aisle was priceless (that's a slideshow moment...)

Favorite thing about Mary and Josh's portrait session: they never stop kissing. :)

Second favorite thing: they weren't afraid to get their feet wet or dirty.

Best decor detail: of them.  Pretty, pretty, pretty!
See that lovely lady in the second photo from the left?  That's Mary's mom watching the first dance. Favorite quote of the day: Mary saying how her mom and grandma are her two favorite ladies in the world.

Thoughts as I left the building: I wonder how badly Mary and Josh's faces are going to hurt from smiling and kissing all day. :)

Mary's dress: Amsale, Bridal and Formal, Inc, Cinci / Mary's hair: Angella Williams / Mary's makeup: Nicole @ Mukha / church: St. Michael's in Worthington / reception venue: Columbus Athenaeum / flowers: Flowers On Orchard Lane / cake: Christina Jones @ Bella Luna Cakes / custom printed ephemera: Jennifer Teitt