Wednesday, June 02, 2010

hello, again!

Well, hello again! It's been a loooong time since I updated this blog. Last year was wonderfully busy and with the majority of my weddings involving travel, I simply ran out of time to write. Caroline offered to take over for me, but no, no, no...I'll do it! I want to write the details and little stories! Alas, time did not allow. With more help in the studio, this year I hope to do more sharing of photos here.

And for me, no better way to start the season off that with Laxmi and Lance's much anticipated event. I love Indian weddings and multi-cultural weddings are always a blast, just watching both sides experiencing and enjoying new traditions. First let me say this will probably be the first of several installments of L&L's photos...there are many. Many, many, many. I've only just skimmed through the ones I shot personally to pick out shots for this post. The wonderful Nick Fancher shot along with me, as did my new assistant, Nick Thompson. So, yes...many more to come.

I have to say, our 15 hour day was full to the brim with events and between planner Jamie Rapavy of Devoted to Details and Laxmi's vigilant observance of the schedule, everything went off splendidly. We had time to get some shots at the church (ceremony #1) and then off to the Topiary Gardens.

We started to feel some rain and only had a few minutes to get some bridal portraits. My favorite images always seem to be the "between" moments and here's my favorite of Laxmi in her dress. I'd just said "Ok, let's get out of here!" and she swirled her dress around to run out of the rain.
Back to the Hilton to change for the Hindu ceremony.

Always my favorite part of an Indian wedding: the baraat!

Traditionally, the groom's sister steals his shoes before the ceremony. He must bargain with her to get them back.

I love Bart. Not only are his floral designs to die for, he's just a joy to be around. The flowers for this wedding were amazing and everywhere.

Oh, the desert table...tons of gorgeous treats from Pastacia Vera.

...and that's just for starters! More in a few weeks!

{ planner: Jamie Rapavy, Devoted to Details / church: St. Joseph's Cathedral / Hindu Ceremony & reception: Polaris Hilton / wedding dress: Alan Ray / makeup: Megan, Mukha Spa / cake: Sue Larson, La Gateau / desert bar: Pistacia Vera }