Friday, February 27, 2009

handyman standard time + winter dulldrums = pfft.

Dude. I'm taking this weekend off. Seriously. The last month has been endless rushing and panicking trying to get things back in order. The weeks have felt like days. Today I was simply unable to even open the door to the office, look at a paint brush, or clean up a single speck of plaster. I went out for a nice long walk in the cold and listened to my ipod with the volume up loud enough to drown out the internal chatter nagging at me about all the things that have yet to be done to get back to normal and catch up. When I got tired of being damp and chilled, I trudged home, realizing that nothing was going to get done brain was holding up picket signs and refusing to function.

And then I remembered I was supposed to keep everyone updated. But all I have to say is that progress is slow and annoying. Yeay! Isn't that a fun read?!? Uhg. So. From now on, I'm just going to give a one line update on the progress (or lack thereof.) And I'm keeping my blog for what I like: sharing photos and talking about fun wedding stuff. Fires = not fun. Trying to get schedules aligned = not fun.

However...Robin & Dan's and Jill & Wes' weddings? Totally fun. Totally gorgeous. And I have yet to blog about them. Shame on me. It's 10:30pm and like I said, brain = mutiny. So I'll write about the weddings tomorrow...and then I'll take my weekend off. I really really need it.

But I cannot wait to share these two portraits of Jill. She's just too stunning.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"are we there yet?...are we there yet?..."

{ Soon to come ~ Jill & Wes }
Well, things are finally starting to look bright again over here. The new office is nearly complete and in the next few weeks, we can start the process of replacing anything that still smells like burning tires and get the rest moved into storage and into the office. Whew.

I couldn't wait a day longer to continue working on Jill & Wes' wedding, though, so I quickly rigged up one of the computers in our bedroom, sealed myself in, and got to work. In the next few days I'll put up Robin & Dan's gorgeous wedding and then more of Jill & Wes'. I just have to do so in between construction and the accompanying dust storms. I'm just not digging this 18th century powdered wig look...

I have to say...getting back to work has been the best medicine. I was able to work on Jill & Wes' photos for a few uninterrupted hours and it was bliss. Locked away, no speakers even to allow music to intrude on the experience of watching happy moments. Seeing Jill laughing heartily with her adorable sister, the little looks J&W gave each other during the ceremony, the groomsmen hanging like crazy monkeys from the rafters, and it's nearly impossible to find a shot of Wes where he's not wearing a huge smile.

...I cannot wait to get back to work in full force. I need that in my life. :)