Saturday, September 27, 2008

laura & drew's engagement session

I've been dying to get Laura & Drew's engagement photos up here! We were without power for a week and everything piled up, but I'm catching up and can finally get to some of the fun blogging photos I want everyone to see. :)

Laura is the author of the fabulous Bridal Cheek blog. You really have to check it out; she has excellent taste, very good sense, and possibly more important, a good sense of humour when it comes to all things wedding.
Traversing their favorite downtown neighborhood, we found lots of surprise pockets of loveliness, like this seemingly abandoned garden, overgrown with wildflowers and trees.

I've always loved this building. It's imposing and seems totally out of place in downtown Columbus. I don't know why I think American Gothic is funny every time**, but this scene really called for it. (**Probably because of the restraint it takes to keep a straight face and the inevitable cracking-up that follows.)
Oh, Collier West. How I love you so. Laura had posted about this amazing store on her blog and we just had to go by. The staff was kind enough to allow us to take some photos of Laura & Drew looking around at the pretties inside the store (which I'll post more of at a later time!)

They're very cute together. :)
Next stop: Jeni's ice cream!
Not a huge fan of the diamond industry, Laura and Drew designed her yellow sapphire ring together.
If I remember correctly, Laura chose her shoes before her dress. Girl after my own heart. ;)

I had a blast getting to know them a little better and I'm so looking forward to their wedding next spring!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

stacy & ron's engagement session

I told Wolfgang I'd be home in two hours when I'd left to do Stacy & Ron's engagement shoot. ...I'm a big fat liar. I was there for a wee bit longer than expected. They have a beautiful home and we decided that would be a great place to do their session so they could just relax and play with their hilarious dogs and I could photograph them as they are.

One thing that struck me right away while scouting out locations in the house was that Stacy & Ron have photographs everywhere. Couldn't turn a corner without running into a bunch of frames...including several empty ones awaiting prints. Needless to say, I was thrilled to death that keeping these memories visible at all times was so important to them.

I took a LOT of photos of their dogs. They're terribly goofy and silly and play until they pass out. They had a little fun time battle royale toward the end of the session.

We decided to go to the pond before the storm hit and the hazy misty light was incredible.

We did the session only a few weeks before the wedding and I was so happy to get to know them a bit before hand. I knew working with them again would be just as entertaining as this shoot (and it was!)

Monday, September 01, 2008

katie & steve's engagement session

This is Katie and Steve. They play really well together. That makes me really happy. :) We decided to drive around to find the perfect playground and only had to go a few blocks before we found just the right one. Prerequisites: bright colours, monkey bars, swing set, inspires silliness.

Katie and Steve are yet another couple who've made my job easy; they're so cute together and very obviously love being in each other's presence. And don't you just love Katie's smile? It's so open and genuine.

So it seems I cannot avoid pissing off mamma's the one on the left yelling at her babies to run away.
There were little pockets in the woods with canopies of lights. It was a nice place to stroll lazily after romping on the jungle gym.

Katie kept mentioning this "really pretty pink tree" which happened to be in the front yard of someone's house. Steve and I were a bit skeptical about whether or not we could sneak in a few shots without being arrested for trespassing. Steve grew up in the country...I'm from the city...which means we both expect to be met with guns when you knock on a stranger's door. Braver than either of us, Katie went up to the door and knocked. She was greeted by a very nice older gentleman who told her all about this mimosa tree his mother planted there several decades before and that we were welcome to take some photos with it. Oddly, I don't think I've seen one of these trees since the one at my grandmother's house down at the Jersey shore over 20 years ago. The scent transported me back and not even the threat of the bees that were all over it made me want to leave. Although it doesn't show its hot pink beauty, this shot is my favorite.
The wedding is only a few weeks away and I'm thrilled to be working with these guys again!