Thursday, September 07, 2006

2 Days of Indian Merriment!

Four days later and I'm still recovering...20 hours over two days...and I loved every minute of it! Heidi & Miki booked me last winter and I've been looking forward to this all year. Day One was the mehndi party (painting the bride's hands with henna) and the sangeet that night, which turned into a big dance party. Day Two was full of ceremonies separated by various bouts of joyous dancing. Then more dancing. Did I mention the dancing? Check out how gorgeous Heidi is in her lenga! It was fantastic. Heidi & Miki Kapoor

Catch up time

I really need to make time to update this thing! But I've been busy, you see...

6 August: Heather & Joe got married at the Zoo. It was fantastic! Bright and sunny, not a drop of rain. Radiant is the only word to describe Heather on that day. She was just gorgeous. They had an animal presentation during the reception and I don't think I was the only one scheming to steal the little fox.... Here's their slideshow: and a few shots.

19-20 August: Drove down to Louisville, wait - let me get that right: "loo-uh-vuhl"...I think I'm getting it... to shoot two weddings in Lexington with the fabulous Angela Anderson. Saturday's wedding was at the lovely Talon Vineyard. It rained...all morning... Thankfully, nature heeded our pleadings just as we arrived to take pictures and the rest of the ceremony was blessed with perfect weather.

Had a nice visit with my sister in Louisville and then off to the next wedding. Fantastic multi-service American/Hindu wedding with a huge Indian reception after. 14 hours!!! Totally worth it...gorgeous and fun! Mamata & Bryan's photos:

Apparently I can't get enough of working with Angela: Drove back down to Louisville the next weekend, too. Again, our prayers were answered and the rain held off just long enough to have just enough sun for Nicole & Brian's ceremony at the seminary. All the girls had these great paper parasols with the couple's monogram painted on the top...nice visual touch for the courtyard ceremony.

All in all, I had a great time working down in KY and hope to do so again; the scenery is beautiful.