Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New blog coming soon!

Yes. Forever. I know! Much has happened in the last few (ok, many) months since I've updated this blog. The latest of which was the fabulous experience of Flourish Workshop. Angela, Kim, and I were moved to tears by the responses we received from the amazing attendees. I have so much more to say (and so many photos to show) about Flourish, but I'm saving it all up for (drumroll please) my new blog! One of our gracious sponsors, Into the Darkroom, is setting me up with a fantastic custom blog. It's funny, but when I saw Angie's new blog and then Kim's, it actually made me want to get typing. So, friends and neighbors, it's in the works! In the meantime I'd prefer to keep my focus on designing books for my 2007 couples...which is my favorite thing to do, next to shooting. Laying out the whole story is for me the most fulfilling part of my job. It's seriously a very, well...zen-like experience. There's something so thrilling about telling a story without a single written word, something one doesn't have to think about, just look and feel. I just love it.

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amy daryl said...

Can't wait to see the new blog. Wish I heard about it sooner.