Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jenni + David Get Married! {kitty}

Here's a peek at Jenni + David's wedding in Piqua.  Dan, Nick, and I had a fun drive through the country to get to this charming little town from where David's family hails.  Their wedding is another example of how good planning makes for great photo opportunities.  After the ceremony, we had a ton of time to romp around downtown, get a few shots at David's family's home, and still hit some lovely spots on the grounds of the Piqua Country Club.  Jenni and Dave and I had not met before the wedding, so it was wonderful to get to know them throughout the day! 

I'd been really missing black and white film and conveniently, Jenni and Dave's wedding naturally fell into a vibe where I could play and capture some more traditional style black and white images. That's part of the fun when it comes to weddings - to just go with the flow - no wedding is the same and each will determine how I approach it while I shoot.  While naturally I shoot all weddings in my "style" each has different atmosphere, aesthetic, and pace.  Keeps things unique and interesting! 

Thanks, Jenni + Dave! Congratulations!

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