Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Busy Bee....

Just finished editing Connie & Bryan's wedding. Gorgeous afternoon wedding with the most perfect weather: aqua sky, fluffy clouds, light breeze...kinda hard to take a bad picture! Especially since these two are so cute together. I think 90% of the photos are of them laughing. Nice tea party reception, then off to the river to get some relaxed (and shoeless) portraits away from the excitement of the party. Well, sort of, given all the screams of "Congratulations!!!" from boaters!

This weekend I'm off to Indiana for Rachel & Ryan's wedding. No wedding party...just their dog as the ring bearer...this is going to be hilarious! Sounds like it's going to be a very laid back and fun party.

For some reason, I look forward to long drives since going back and forth to Kentucky the last few months. Maybe it's because I don't really get to go on real trips very often, so anything past two hours seems like a "weekend away" even if I'm working. And this weekend I'll be staying at this fabulous inn run by a lovely British couple. I guess I sort of look at it like I'm going away for the weekend and going to a party where I'll meet new people...and happy people at that! It's really refreshing to have a job I get excited about every time. :)

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