Friday, October 20, 2006

Almost forgot!!!

I can't believe I forgot to mention: my best friend, Sarah, is engaged! She told me during the reception at Connie & Bryan's wedding while I was quickly stuffing fruit salad into my maw...I nearly choked. I took a picture of her beaming face (flashing her hand, of course.) Sarah's not a solitaire kinda girl...and Darius knows it. I took one look and said the same thing he did: "now that is a Sarah ring!" She likes sparklies. He gave her five sparklies. And I just know he's going to give her a lifetime of happiness; he's an amazing rare specimen of a man....kind, considerate, and God, does he love her. I approve whole-heartedly! :)

This is going to be fun. We're going to the Dayton/Cincinnati bridal show this Sunday on my way back from shooting in Louisville. I'm going to make her try on dresses until she hits me and we'll probably sample wedding cake until we're sick with sugar induced hallucinations.

But the best is this: we're going to Chicago in November for her bachelorette party. Yup, a two girl party. Friday night we'll go to the Placebo show...then fly into Cleveland the next day...for another Placebo show. I haven't even heard their latest album...but I'm sure I'll have a ton of fun.

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angela anderson photography, Romantic said...

Congrats to the illusive "Sarah" I hear so much about!!

And perhaps I shall be a part of that lovely wedding day forthcoming!

It is so funny but I can't wait till a friend of mine starts to plan a wedding because I feel like I could have such a great time with it and be so helpful! Now I just have to get all my cynical, over-intellectual friends to believe in Romance! Fall in LOVE -- the great bearer of poems, songs and the meaning of moonlight!