Friday, December 22, 2006

'Tis the season!

I saw the name and thought, "hmmm...I know that name...could it be?!?" And it was! Catherine is a professional model and we've been wanting to work together for the last four years. And here she was, looking for a photographer for her December 9th wedding! Woohoo! I knew it was going to be gorgeous...and I was right. :)

I've got to say, there's something so wonderful watching a woman glow with real emotion as opposed to faking a look for the camera. Hopefully Catherine and I will be able to do a fashion shoot in the future, but I don't think anything I could set up could compete with her beauty on her wedding day.

After the ceremony, Catherine and Aaron and the rest of us headed off to the Athletic Club of Columbus for the reception in a bus that could've passed for a very small luxury condo. Once at the Club, we got some fun shots of the wedding party in the bar toasting to the newlyweds. Then I stole Catherine & Aaron away to a corner to get some cozy shots of just the two of them. Dinner was served, fabulous cake was cut, and the rest of the night was full of dancing. All in all a very elegant event!
See the whole slideshow here:Catherine & Aaron's Wedding

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kitty, you rock :)