Sunday, November 26, 2006

engagement sessions and the importance of comfort

Last weekend, I did Sarah & Darius' engagement photos. Strange, because Sarah's used to being behind the camera, so it was a collaborative deal. It was soooo much fun, Romper Room in the studio. They brought all these costumes, wigs and clothing changes to do a mock photo-booth series. I'm still working on those, so I'll post them later, but check back....they're hilarious and worth seeing.

The most important thing to get out of your engagement session is a visual insight into your relationship, so it's crucial to be able to relax and act natural in front of your photographer. Which is one of the reasons behind doing an engagement session in the first place. Your wedding photographer will be with you all day and will be present during many intimate moments: getting dressed, tears, kisses, reactions to private jokes... The more comfortable you are in front of this new person, the better. Sarah's my best friend and I've known Darius for years now, but it still took a little time for them to totally loosen up and let real emotion for each other show while in front of the camera. But here are a few "serious" ones I got while they thought I was still testing the lighting. Sarah & Darius are fun loving, playful, and have a deep affection for each other. It was great fun trying to represent all that in one afternoon and I think we nailed it!

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