Friday, January 19, 2007

Auld Langs Aine

New Year's Eve was great; Wolfgang and I got to be together for the first time in years. Together we shot Julie & David's wedding at the Columbus Anthenaem. Never did I think I would see a wedding party do the recessional to the Star Wars theme...hahaha...the best part was listen to a few guests mumbling, "is this what I think it is?!?"

I thought maybe they were going to skip the horah, but thanks to the best man's insistence that once they it got going, everyone would join in, we found that he was VERY correct. It seemed EVERYONE was on the wooded stage dancing in circles...sounded like a stampede! It was so much fun watching people shed their reserve and just let loose. I couldn't stop laughing, I was having such a good time.

At midnight we got everyone packed onto the dancefloor to cheer in the New Year. But that time, I was thoroughly pleased: everyone had finally donned their party hats! All in all, one of the best New Year's Eves I've had: being together and going to a party filled with warm, friendly, and funny people. I couldn't resist keeping with the hairmetal music theme for the slideshow... Happy New Year!!!


tz198289 said...
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kate said...

love it!

Cousin Sandy said...

I have watched Julie and Dave's slideshow at least a dozen times and it puts a smile in my heart each time. You did a great job shooting them and the music was perfect.