Friday, February 16, 2007

walking in a winter wonderland

Once in a rare while, we get snow that sticks. And we've been waiting, several couples and I... Last weekend, Katy & Tony lucked out! It was a great day, lovely frozen waterfall in the middle of a ravine of which I was unaware. No strange place to Katy and Tony, however...they had their second date there. So we braved the cold, ice, and snow...did I mention ice? The pool at the bottom of the waterfall became a makeshift ice skating rink and thankfully, none of us wiped out! Making our way back up, we realized we were not alone...I know I'm a city girl, but we were all a bit surprised to see a quartet of ducks making their way along the mostly frozen stream. But I really enjoyed getting a shot of Katy and Tony watching the little party.

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