Thursday, October 11, 2007

Face value.

After looking at Meg & Jeremy's photos, I feel the need to talk about the importance of hiring a professional to do your makeup the day of the wedding.

For one thing, you've got enough to worry about. Don't give yourself one more thing to do...with nervous hands. You know how that happens, when you have a "bad makeup day?" Your wedding day is NOT the day to chance that happening. Besides taking the stress off yourself, a professional knows just the right product to use on your skin type so it lasts all day, survives the tears of the ceremony and toasts, and withstands the sweat from summer heat, nerves, and the dance floor. They will also know little things like how scary frosted eyeshadow can look in your black and white images. They'll know how to layer your lipstick so all you have to do during the day is reapply a little gloss. They know how to use colour and shading to best suit the camera AND the naked eye.

Look at Megan! Mary Kelly did an amazing job as usual. Not once did I need to blot shine or clean up mascara. Here are some images from the beginning, middle, and end of the night. Amazing all the way through.

Anyway, Mary is fabulous and a dream to work with, so check her out...she's totally worth every penny. You're making a huge investment in your wedding should look just as gorgeous in the last photo as you do in the first!

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maryevangeliakelly said...

Thanks so much for the kind words! I look forward to every time we have the chance to work together.

All my love,