Saturday, July 05, 2008

christa & lane's engagement session

Our very own Christa is getting married on July 26th! Kate and I will probably forgo the mascara altogether on that day....neither of us need to look like raccoons while shooting.

Soon our downtown will be totally renovated and we'll lose the presence of the sets these old buildings provide. Christa and Lane wanted to make the most of it, so we hiked our way over through the construction sites and turned blind eyes (and middle fingers) to the no trespassing signs to get these shots.

Check out this grumpy face of perplexity we found on the wall!

Growing up between the rubble, Christa and Lane found the biggest dandelion seed head any of us had ever seen. I'm not was the size of a tennis ball.
They spent quite a long time coming up with a wish worthy of this find.

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Jaci Clark said...

Amazing images Kitty! The look like such a fun couple. Not to mention, easy on the eyes!
I love the one with the peely wall!