Friday, July 04, 2008

stacey & rick's wedding

"Classic." That's the word that comes to mind when I think of Stacey and Rick's wedding. Everything about it was timeless and serene.

I'd promised myself that I would only accept one wedding per weekend this year, so when Rick originally emailed me, I'd told him I wasn't available. He was persistent and in the end, well, flattery won out. :) I'm SO happy I said yes. Without further ado, some favorites:

Christa was shooting with me and while I was off with Stacey & Rick, she hung out with the wedding party and got some great shots of them relaxing and trying to stay cool out of the blazing sun.
Stacey & Rick decided to do their first view in private. It was really sweet. Rick turned on cue, took it all in, and they had a few quiet moments before we went off to do their couple's portraits.

I LOVE her dress. Christa and I were talking about how the tiers remind us of snow drifts...quite ethereal.
This next one is one of my favorites.

After the ceremony and group portraits, we were done early and everyone was able to take their time and give their congratulations. While we were packing up, Sarah called me, asking me to call her back "asap!" It sounded serious. It was. She was driving on I-70 through a storm that caused her to fear for her life...and Sarah does NOT scare easily on the road. A lightening bolt hit the ground not 30 feet from her car and the storm was relentless...and in the famous words of South Park, it was heading right for us. The sky was looking seriously ominous outside, so we made the announcement and everyone hauled ass out of there. We almost made it. The second I parked the car in front of the Athletic Club, the sky opened up and dumped an ocean on us. I must've stood peering out of the doors for 20 minutes waiting for it to lighten up so I could get my equipment out of the car. (That's my poor Volvo right out front, teasing me...sooo close, but just too far from the end of the awning.)
Things ran a bit late due to the weather, but as usual, Kristen May, the events coordinator at the Athletic Club, kept everyone happy and things running smoothly. I never tire of the ballroom and was quite content to get some shots of the room before anyone came in.

Stacey's sister dished out the appropriate amount of embarrassing sibling stories during her toast...

...and in the end summed up how much she loves her older sister.

I'm going to conclude with these last two...which were taken by Christa. They are my favorite shots of the evening. I think they sum up the graceful and elegant atmosphere Stacey & Rick created for their party and the love they showed each other throughout the day.

Well, I've never been so pleased to have disobeyed myself! This was a wonderful wedding and I'm so happy I was able to take part in it. Thanks, Stacey & Rick!

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