Friday, October 24, 2008

sheila & tom's wedding

I had a great time during Sheila and Tom's engagement session earlier this year. They laugh a lot and are quick to do so, which made photographing them a breeze. Here are some of my favourite shots from their day ~

Sheila's dad was one of the speakers during the ceremony and he'd written a lovely reading which was heartfelt and funny and full of practical advice, encouraging them to be mindful of the planets from which they hail.

I'm always impressed by the colours and textures that go into the bouquets from Bloomtastic.
Sheila looking amazing in her dress ~

Tom was all smiles all day.Usually, I'm up front concentrating on the bride and groom, their parents' reactions...the detail stuff. Until they perfect cloning, I cannot be in more than once place at a time, and I'm so lucky to have a great team of photographers who can be where I cannot. Here's a shot of Christa's that I feel sums up the atmosphere of the ceremony.

I never get tired of the grounds at Darby House. The simple open landscapes are like these ever changing canvases depending on the season and weather.

Cute moment caught by Christa as Sheila danced with her dad.This cake from Corbo's Bakery in Cleveland = pretty and really yummy.It started with one little pair of discarded black dress shoes....

Earlier in the day, when we were stashing our gear, I spied a couple of boxes...suspicious had something fuzzy sticking out of it. I'm sorry, but one cannot see something yellow and fuzzy sticking out of a box and not peek. Hoping desperately that it was a Big Bird costume abandoned from some kid's birthday bash, I lifted the box flap to see a variety of fiesta and luau paraphernalia. Must've been fun, I thought to myself. So came the end of the night, and Christa and I said our goodbyes and started packing up. I ran back out to the main room to get something...and I see this ~Obviously, the cameras came back out of the bags! Seriously, what fun! Sheila's dad was killing us. :)
The whole day was really a testament to the love Sheila and Tom share, not only between themselves, but with their family and friends. I'm so happy to have been there to see it all!

venue ~ Darby House / flowers ~ Bloomtastic / cake ~ Corbo's Bakery

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I LOVE the pile of shoes - what a great photo!