Tuesday, October 07, 2008

alex & ben's wedding

I'm so happy to share Alex & Ben's wedding with everyone. You'll understand why when you see all the smiley faces in the photos. Everyone was relaxed, the weather was kind to us...just a good time all the way around.

I was warned about this cat. He only bit me twice and seeing how he was purring when he did so, I don't take it personally. Especially since he was kind enough to stand in for the ring pillow.
Prepping the bride always allows for many a QVC moment.

Here's Alex right after Mary was done working her magic. So gorgeous. This was taken at 2pm. Remember that...2pm....

Alex and Ben were introduced to each other by their moms. It seemed only fitting that their moms should present their kids to each other once again for when Ben saw Alex for the first time on their wedding day.

I LOVE this shot of Ben as he watches Alex come down the aisle.

The veil was on queue. "You may now kiss the bride," and "whoosh!" up it went.
I was really looking forward to shooting at the Venue. It's all brick and girders...beautifully industrial and small enough to still maintain a sense of intimacy. The indoor/outdoor aspect is also a plus with a nice view of downtown.

Yes. Those are tiny little individual creme brulées. Oh. My. God. So good. They had a whole desert table with a huge variety of gorgeous little treats.

Ok, now look at the photo below. This was taken after 8pm. This is after running around outside in the heat, after a few tears, after eating dinner. Now scroll up and look at that photo from 2pm. All Alex had to do was reapply a little gloss and she's still looking fresh and stunning. Seriously, ladies...I cannot pimp out Mary Kelly enough!

Fantastic idea. Alex and Ben had pails of flip flops around the reception so the ladies could dance in comfort.
...and dance, they did!

Congratulations, Alex and Ben!

venue: The Venue @ Smith Bros. / make up artist: Mary Kelly email: maryevangeliakelly@yahoo.com / catering: Zuppa, the Venue


Susan said...

Oh wow, beautiful! I can definitely appreciate the longevity of that make-up job. And love that rings-on-the-orange-kitty shot!

Chantal Stone said...

So beautiful Kitty....The Venue is just AMAZING....and of course, so are your photos :)

Glenna said...

Kitty - You have captured the funfilled, loving spirit of my son and daughter-in-law's wedding day. Thank you for adding your artistry to this festive occasion.