Tuesday, March 10, 2009

new website is live!

Well, one thing that wasn't stalled by the fire: the new website! It's officially up and running. Yeay!

Please take a look; lots of new images and some old gold. Enjoy!


Jaci Clark said...

WOW Kitty! Your new website looks awesome and your work is inspiring as always! Huge congrats to you.


Grazier Photography said...

congrats! it's looking AWESOME!

Grazier Photography said...

Site is looking great Kitty!!!!

Eve said...

I am digging the new site, Kitty!

And so flippin' excited about working with all of you over yonder for our wedding. I wish it was tomorrow :)

Hey, have you heard of this? http://pbn.blurb.com/ Had to share, just in case, because it make me think of you!