Saturday, March 14, 2009

sending some love out to evelyn <3

I actually yelled "woohoo" when I got Dan's email saying he and his fiancée, Evelyn, decided to hire Christa to shoot their wedding. 'Coz they freakin' rock and while I won't be there, I still get to see their wedding photos.

I always tell our clients when I meet with them that we are not fast. We do not have a quick turn around time...what we produce takes time and a great deal of attention. I want them to know this ahead of time so they can avoid biting their nails and checking their in-boxes every day for the "all done!" email. However....I get the feeling it will be Christa & Kate receiving those "are we there yet? are we there yet?" emails all this season...from ME. The girls are photographing for so many fabulous couples and I just know they're going to want to slap me for pestering them to see if they have the images ready for me yet. I'll be dying to see them.

Anyway, Eve had some lovely things to say about us on her blog...thanks for making me blush, Eve. :P

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Eve said...

To my homegirl Kitty,

The beauty that you, Christa and Kate create is worth the wait tenfold, but I am with you 100%...It will take some serious willpower to wait out the final product!

Dan and I are so lucky to have met you and have you guys be part of capturing the moments of the luckiest Friday the 13th ever!