Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Katie + Bob's wedding!

I have to say how thrilled I am when I see "Style Me Pretty" on the referral line in an inquiry email... The Style Me Pretty blog has no shortage of inspiration on how to incorporate personal and unique details into your wedding. They're very big on dyi and environmentally-friendly weddings, so I was really excited to hear about Katie & Bob's wedding at Thorn Creek Winery in Aurora.

I love how Katie and Bob's classic wedding day aesthetics went so well with all their locations - the woods, city gardens, church, and the prairie setting of the winery.

Some great details: hot pink shawls for the girls - it got pretty chilly in the evening, wine opener favors that doubled as seating cards, an old cart wagon with family wedding photos and a tree for hanging messages from guests. The cart later held apothecary jars with cookies for late evening snacks on the ride home. The band, Frederick Davis, played on through the night and had everyone out on the floor. (Perhaps someday I'll figure out how to edit the impromptu video I shot of the groomsmen going nuts...it was awesome.) And those cupcakes...oh, the cupcakes....

Favorite moment of the whole day: amongst the festivities on the dance floor, seeing Katie spin around to face Bob with this enormous grin on her face, grab his hands, shake them, and jubilantly yell "I LOVE YOU!!!"

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