Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MISSING CAT! Westerville area - please look in your garages!

One of my couples has lost their cat - he ran out of their house on December 5th. His name is Buster, he's 10 years old, medium sized, short-haired, orange & white, and his nose is half orange and half white. He has an orange patch on his right shoulder. He has been neutered. Front paws are de-clawed. He's shy & probably won't come to you, but should you see a cat like this, please let me know! If you live in the Westerville area, please check your garages in case he snuck in for warmth.

Please call me or email kitty at maerstudio dot come if you see him.

If you know anyone in the Westerville area, please pass on the message. I can't imaging someone not having their pet during the's just too heartbreaking. I hope this little guy gets home!

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