Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chi-caaaaa-go, Chi-caaaago....

Well, I was sick. The whole weekend. But that didn't stop us from hitting a few shops in Bucktown, notably the unbelievable gorgeousness of Urbane Weddings. Seriously, Sarah & I love sparklies....and this shop is all about the sparklies. First thing I saw in the window was a full on high-neck-to-collarbone rhinestone necklace collar. (I'm sure there's an actual name for this type of necklace, but I'm not a jewelry expert.) I nearly ran people down going through the door. This little boutique has "everything but the dress" and an incredible collection of vintage style crystal hairpins, clips, barrettes, and the most tasteful unique tiaras I've ever seen. Awesome customer service, too. They seemed quite aware we were there to look and not buy on the spot and they were happy to just let us play and take snapshots of Sarah wearing the stuff we liked best. So yeah, girls, if you're in Chicago, this is a must-stop-shop! Urbane Weddings, 1920 N. Damen Ave.

I had one of those moments when you realize you've arrived at the age of "old".... This was the moment at the Placebo show when I left the undulating sea of people on the floor and went to sit up in the balcony to watch the show sitting down...and realized I was enjoying the show soooo much more this way. How things change. Then I ran into friends from Kill Hannah, which was fun...the look on their faces seeing me out of context (Ohio) and in their hometown. Sickness or not, it ended up being quite a fun weekend.

I'm doing the Columbus Bride show in January, so I've been doing nothing but album samples and trying to get ready for it. Just finished Connie & Bryan's album. You can see it here: I'll have more up soon!


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