Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bragging rights!!!

Oh, hey, now I can ad one of those "international award winning photographer" tags to my resume! I came in 11th in the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists Association's top 20 photographers. Here's the image from Julie & David's wedding that took third place:

I've never been one for contests, really, but I'm pretty excited about this. The AGWPJA is an invite-only thing for membership and I get a little gold medallion thingy next to my name. Check out the site and the other AGWPJA contest winning images. Some seriously amazing stuff from people around the globe!


Mary said...

congrats! and yay for updating your blog!!

Angela Anderson Photography said...

Yes, you may be very talented and award-winning but you are a lax blog updater. And in the world of blog-followers, this my friend, is a no-no! Update!

Kitty Maer said...

Yes, yes...I hang my head in blogger-shame!

I'll get right on it, Miss Angie!