Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Donna + Jason Get Married! {by Kitty}

It's always such an honor to be chosen by another photographer to photograph their own wedding!  I've heard so many of my photographer friends say how hard it is to hand over the reigns and trust someone else to do it when they wish they could, but obviously can't do it themselves.  I'm afraid I'd spend my own wedding day looking around thinking, "Is she getting this?  Is she getting that?" But the handful of photographer brides and grooms I've had the pleasure of photographing have all just let me do my job and let me do what I do without expecting me to clone the way they work. 

That said, working with Donna and Jason was a breeze!  We had a long list of destinations for their portrait session, but given the sweltering heat and mugginess, after their first look (we were lucky to find a lovely spot in the shade), we made use of the rain-alternative and headed off to the State House to enjoy the air conditioning and the beautiful interior.  (Being a photographer, Donna knew photos of them with sweat drenched faces does not make for favorable wedding photos!)  Then off to Mouton - their friend's gorgeous little café/wine bar in the Short North for some wine and relaxation before the ceremony.  So while we didn't get to run around as we'd planned, we still got tons of photos with lots of variation, AND they were able to stay comfortable and enjoy their wedding day. 

 Champagne was served to guests to sip during the ceremony - there were a few rows of chairs for immediate family and everyone else stood where they wished under the tent.  This is always nice - people huddle up together, I saw arms around waists, heads resting on shoulders.  The flowergirl decided her bouquet was better off on the ground at her feet not six feet down the aisle so everyone had a good laugh.

 Obviously, I have some foodie couples this year!  Besides the very colourful desert/candy bar, Donna and Jason had three food stations at The Venue - Mediterranean, Southern comfort food, and a seafood bar which included the biggest freshest shrimp ever.  Another nice touch was the couches they set up as a lounging area, it really gives a homier feeling to an event.

Everyone knows how much I love the "that guy" at each wedding.  Well, this time, there were more than one and I feel they earned a blog board of their own. :)
Congratulations, guys!  Morgan and I had a great time spending the day with you!

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