Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meredith + Joe Get Married! {by Kitty}

HI!!  Well, Meredith and Joe are leaving tomorrow (today, technically) for their honeymoon and I want to send them off with some photos of their wedding from this past weekend.  I'll be back to add some very fond thoughts of the day, but right now I just want to get these up!  So...more later!

Ok, but one thing: Gold star to the first person to leave a comment guessing what the song is that induced the last couple of images!  

Mere's dress: Girls in White Dresses / Mere's hair: Kat @ Penzone's on N. High / Mere's makeup: Jade @ Penzone's on N. High / Joe's tux: JCrew / venue: Athletic Club of Columbus / flowers: Snap Dragon / cake: Lady Di Cakes / custom printed ephemera: On Paper


Troy Schmidt said...

Is the song "Wobble" by VIC?

Adam Lowe Photography said...


kitty said...

...and Adam wins it! Funny how after attending so many weddings, photographers can visually tell if it's "Don't Stop Believing" or "Living on a Prayer."