Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Nicole + Craig Get Married! {by Kitty}

Columbus is indeed a very small world - turns out Nicole, Craig, and their two adorable little boys live in my neighborhood and I ride my bike past their house nearly every day.  On top of that, Craig's family lives across the street from us and while we've been neighbors for a decade, I had no idea!  (Note to self: get out of the house more and get to know the people on my block better!) 

While their wedding was several years in the making, the day went by with relaxed effortless ease - only their closest friends and family attended the Art Museum ceremony and the dinner reception at their friend's restaurant, Z Cucina in Grandview.  Truly an example of how to enjoy your own wedding day - intimate, no complicated time schedules, room to let what happens happen and celebrate with the ones you love.  It was obvious all day long that the only thing that really mattered was that they were together and totally crazy about each other.

Ok, well, I'm pretty sure one other thing mattered: the food...oh dear lord, the food. FYI, if you haven't been to Z Cucina, you are seriously missing out.  Everyone was able to make their choice from the four dinner options printed on their custom letterpress menus...it was not an easy choice!  For dessert, four choices were listed and much to the surprise and delight of everyone there, the agony of choice was omitted - all four treats were served to each table family style.  The "cup cake" (which was the size of a brick) was covered with buttercreme icing...that actually tasted like real butter...I had to stop halfway through lest my sweet-tooth gluttony go from regret to remorse.

Thankfully after all that amazing food, there were plenty of antics and craziness on the little dance floor! 

Congratulations, Nicole and Craig!

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