Monday, May 19, 2008

heads up

I've always loved the look of birdcage veils. Probably because they're the best of many worlds: hair adornment, mystique of a veil, and the practicality of not having to take it off for the reception (and not getting it in your soup...) They also look fantastic with shorter hair, so if you're concerned about growing out your hair (just so you can put it up) think again!

Here are some gorgeous ones from Head Dress Couture.

And a few more from Artikal.

Super-cute little "hat."


Jessamyn Harris said...

ooh! so pretty. they also add a little vintage touch, which is so pretty, and so fun to photograph!
glad you're posting regularly kitty!

Karen Mikols said...

HOW is it that you read my mind on wedding accessories???? I am seriously on a hunt for a birdcage veil!

I *heart* Kitty!

BUT I just don't KNOW about feathers...I don't feel like a "feathery" sort of person. Whaddya think?

Kitty Maer said...

Now, Karen...I can totally see you in a 30's slipdress and a birdcage veil with feathers...not big obnoxious wings, but delicate fuzzy accents.

With awesome blue shoes.