Wednesday, May 07, 2008

jaime & scott

I can't say enough about how much fun we had at Jaime & Scott's wedding at the Columbus Art Museum. I knew it was going to be great: our very first meeting had lasted for four hours....

Jaime = gorgeous.

Oh, the soft fluffy peonies! I loooove them! Janna Coe once again wields her magic. Single gardenias were used for the boutonnieres and corsages.

Scott, the groom. Huge Family Guy fan...we can have a whole conversation simply using FG quotes.
Their minister knew Scott and Jaime both very well, personally and as a couple. He kept cracking them up.

The get-away Rolls! ooh...shiny....

After the ceremony, we followed the wedding party down the street to Graeters for ice cream.

Then off for some private moments on the grounds of the Jeffrey Mansion.

Scott surprised Jaime with a photo was a huge hit as you can see.
Jess and the ladies of Devoted to Details did a wonderful job keeping everyone on schedule and making sure everything looked as beautiful as J&S planned.
"INCOMING!!! 'n' cover!!!" I could kiss Christa for this shot.

This "Kitty-blubs-like -a-little-girl" moment brought to you by Scott and Jaime's friends...watching Jaime dance with her dad.

I think there were no less than five guys crammed in there. (Another great shot by Christa!)

Mrs. & Mr. Burke and me!

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