Thursday, May 01, 2008

say "cheeeeeeze!!!"

This was very fun. As they entered the art museum for their reception, Scott surprised Jaime with a photobooth. Jaime was so excited, she was jumping up and down and for a good part of the night, there was a line in front of the curtain. Once things settled down, Christa & I couldn't help ourselves and added our own mugs to the collection, as did Jess and the planning goddesses from Devoted to Details. The most amusing thing was watching 6 big guys trying to cram themselves into a space the size of your average bathroom stall and their subsequent guffawing at the resulting photos. I want one of these things in my livingroom....

The lovely young lady to the right is Christa, the newest edition to my team. AND she's my July 26th bride!the wonderfully silly bride and groom ~

Jess and her team from Devoted to Details ~

Photobooth by Flashback Photo Booths. By the way, their service was really great, too! The attendants had a nice scrapbook, scissors, adhesive, and pens to attach photos to the book and leave messages for Jaime & Scott. I love the decorative bar between the photos. Lots of guests were able to cut three of the shots off to post in the book and still had three to take home as a momento.

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Jennifer said...

Kitty, you and Christa were a BLAST to work with! Thank you so much for the sweet DTD mention in your post. I hope we will cross paths a lot in the future!!
-Jen, Devoted to Details