Saturday, May 24, 2008

jena & kyle's wedding

They met in grade school and shortly after, Jena asked Kyle if he would be her "special friend." Clearly, he thought it was a good idea and years later, decided to seal the deal. Which brings us to May 10th at the Columbus Art Museum.

Steven Cox did an amazing job with Jena's flowers. So wild and painterly.

While I was hidden away with the girls, Sarah snapped this intense portrait of Kyle.

Jena was simply stunning. She looked like a queen in her gown.

I was able to sneak around the back of the flower-altar to get some shots of Jena & Kyle's faces. They were really cute...they kept peeking up at each other and cracking up.

Jena's dad brought our his restored Packard as their getaway car.

Jan Kish is nothing short of a sculptress when it comes to her cakes.

Among the cutest things I've ever seen.

Sarah caught this sweet moment right after the cake cutting.

This is Andrew and Lauren. Andrew is Kyle's cousin and how J&K found me! I had a lovely time at their wedding last year and it was really fun to see them again.
Kyle's mom was responsible for many of the dance floor antics. Here she is leading the conga line.

The getaway car needed a little help...getting away. It was really quite a send-off!

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