Friday, November 28, 2008

anjali & nirav's wedding

So this was one of those "counting the days" weddings. Anjali is Tej and Pansy's cousin and I was so happy to receive the call when she was planning her wedding to Nirav. I love their families, and since I've done two other weddings in their newly expanded family, I was so looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces and meeting some new ones, too.

The sangeet is always a blast. Here Anjali & Nirav start the festivities by lighting the diya together.
Their aunties and friends performed some fabulously choreographed dances ~

The rest of the night everyone danced. Sticks are clacked together to keep rhythm while the dancers pass each other while going around in a circle.
The next day was the wedding. This next portrait was shot by Christa. We couldn't stop gushing over how beautiful Anjali looked.
Anjali's mom went to India for weeks to find pretty much everything for the wedding. She has impeccable taste!
Nirav sees Anjali for the first time in her lengha.
My favorite ~
Or maybe it's this one ~

Nirav looking dashing ~
Ok, my favorite part of an Indian wedding - the baraat. The groom arrives on a well decorated white horse. His family accompanies him with music, drumming, and dancing. It's totally exhilarating. It makes me feel like I've chugged 3 cans of Red Bull in a row. I wish they started four blocks away. :D
Anjali's family waits for the groom's arrival.
Off the horse, Nirav dances with his family before being joined by Anjali's family.
Anjali's uncles carried her in to the ceremony.

Ghee and rice are offered to God.
Here Nirav is giving Anjali her mangala sutra. (It's the equivalent of a wedding ring.)

Anjali mentioned how bored Christa and I must be as she put on her second outfit. There was no boredom...we were way too busy ooh-ing and ahh-ing, mesmerized by all the sparklies. We asked again, "Really? Your mom picked all this out? By herself?"
Again...gorgeous. Can you believe those eyes?!?
Ok, fine...I have a lot of favorites from this one. The Scottish Rite Cathedral just has so many amazing canvases with which to work. I think they look incredible here.

I'm totally with this little guy...those treats were delicious.
Christa got this shot of the gigantic chandelier in the ballroom.
During some down time, we were able to run around and shoot the architectural details of the cathedral...there was no shortage of material.

There were many heartfelt toasts.

This was unexpected!

Another fabulous Shah wedding! I'm so happy I was able to take part in it and be around such wonderful and welcoming people. Thanks and congratulations, Anjali & Nirav!

{ venue ~ scottish rite cathedral, indianapolis / flowers ~ / cake ~ }

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