Wednesday, November 05, 2008

stacy & ron's wedding

It's a long drive up to Rochester, Michigan, but Christa and I were so looking forward to Stacy & Ron's wedding, that the time flew by...fully loaded iPod, road snacks, and ghost stories helped, too. ;) When we arrived at our hotel, we were surprised by the rather heavy welcome box that was handed to us at the desk. What could possibly be inside...bowling ball...paper weight...??? Be still our hearts ~ a bottle of Veuve! { Thanks, guys! ;) }
Drool inducing shoes!
The fantastic Tim from Muhka also made the trek to do the girls' makeup. Wait until you see how gorgeous Stacy and her ladies look!

Ah...Meadow Brook Hall. Seriously...hard to take a bad photo. The mansion and grounds are to die for.
Told you Stacy looks gorgeous ~

All the guys were a blast and Ron is hilarious. And considering the heat of the day, they were all really good sports about running around and getting lots of photos.
Here's a very rare moment of them all behaving themselves.

Florist Steven Cox does amazing things with colour and textures.

Stacy and Ron have been together for eight years. I love this victory shot from Christa.

Ron had a handmade surprise waiting for Stacy. It was his job to plan the honeymoon and she was not told where they were going.
He made her a flip book with pictures and clues to help her figure it out.
We went around the grounds and spent some time away from everyone to get their portraits. Every time I asked if they were up to doing a few more, they'd say "yes!"

They have a lot of fun togther!

Occasionally, I'm quite proud of myself. It was pitch dark outside when this next shot was taken.

This was really cute. They were singing the song to each other while having their first dance. (This next shot is from Christa.)

I swear, the flip-flop idea is pure brilliance.

Meadow Brook Hall is full of beautiful antiques and paintings. I figured this next image should look like one, too.

Late into the reception, I'd asked S&R if they wanted to do some photos inside, since we hadn't the chance earlier in the day. Off we went and a little while later, they spoke magic words: "Can we do more?" Music to my ears.

I told you Ron is hilarious ~
What a wonderful day with awesome people! Thanks, Stacy & Ron!

{ coordinator ~ courtney ladd, mi / venue ~ meadow brook hall, rochester, mi / stacy's hair ~ gina rewold@ la dolce vita, rochester, mi 248.656.1906/ makeup ~ muhka, columbus / dress ~ monique lhuillier from roma sposa, mi/ flowers ~ steven cox, columbus / invites & programs ~ on paper, columbus }

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