Tuesday, November 18, 2008

maraga & michael's wedding

This is going to be another long one, friends and neighbors. Maraga and Michael had a great wedding. Christa and I were with them for 12 long hours and on the way home we talked about how we weren't even exhausted; the whole day was so relaxed (as was everyone involved) that it just happily rolled along. Stress level = 0.

I joined them the night before for their rehearsal dinner at Barcelona. A nasty thunderstorm decided to park itself directly over German Village and the wind knocked out the power. Dinner was truly by candlelight and while challenging from my standpoint, it was really pretty.

For Maraga's "something old" her mom sewed on two buttons from her grandmother's wedding gown.

I love this quiet moment of Maraga writing a letter to Michael.
Christa was assigned to the guys while they got ready. You'll have to wait for the slideshow for the photos of pushups-as-punishment, Jack, and various other weapons of mass destruction. :) I was jealous.

After the ceremony, the wedding party and Michael's & Maraga's parents all went off to the park to have a champagne cocktail hour of their own. Maraga & Michael and I took advantage of the time to get their portraits.

I knew where I wanted to take them...but it's dirty. Literally...dirt path. "Would you...go in there?" I asked meekly. I was then reminded how enthusiastic they both were about the photography when they first came into the studio to meet with me. I think we got some gorgeous shots.I could just walk away and let them be together. I just love the way they look at each other.

Maraga got her phenomenal Ulla Maija gown from The Bridal Garden in NYC. They sell designer sample and runway gowns and give all the proceeds to charities.

It's official ~ this is my favorite shot of the day.

Steven Cox. Incredible arrangements as always.

Let's face it...people often dread the toasting part of a wedding. Not at this wedding, though. After the toasts, a friend presented a slideshow that spanned from their childhood photos right up to the photos from Michael's rather adventurous proposal ~ Maraga was sent on an extravagant scavenger hunt that led her to a lighthouse...where their families were waiting, as was Michael with her ring. (Good job, Michael.) Anyway...not a dry eye in the house.

this next shot is by Christa ~Photo booths are fantastic. Don't "consider" one...GET one for your wedding. I'm not quite sure what it is about a little curtained cubicle that makes people go crazy, but my ribs have hurt from looking at the results at the end of a wedding.

Maraga and Michael work for the same fashion house as two of my other couples. So I already knew I was guaranteed fabulous dancing shots and a fair amount of joyous misbehavior.
"WhoooOOOAAAH!!!! Living on a prayer!"

I'm so happy to have shared this day with Maraga, Michael, and all their friends and family. Thanks and congratulations, you guys!

{ rehearsal dinner ~ barcelona / hair ~ holly hunt @ raffiel's / dress ~ the bridal garden, nyc , designer: ulla maija / flowers ~ steven cox / cake ~ dublin cake cottage }


Anonymous said...

Kitty. You. Rock. This wedding is amazing...love the one of the bride on the bed, adore the garden shots and actually guessed the song they were singing. (It was either that or Journey) ;)

kitty said...

hahah of course...'coz it would either be that one or "one day - will - re - mind - you!"