Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"oh my god, I'm SO exCITed!!!" :D

When I first began to think about transitioning into weddings, I read a lot of wedding photographers' blogs. I did a lot of eye-rolling. Really? You think all your brides are beautiful? You're "so excited!?!" And you "love, love, LOVE" everything? How phony. How saccharine. How...eww.

So I started shooting weddings. And I jumped on the blog-bandwagon. And something horrifying happened. I sometimes wonder now if my readers think I use a template for each of my blog posts. 'Coz I start a lot of comments with "I just love..." and I started using words like "thrilled, amazing, so-much-FUN" and even the dreaded "so excited!" I find myself saying those words a lot. Be still my little black cynical heart ~ I've turned into a girl.

Of course it helps that my clients are awesome. It becomes difficult to find new words (and I'm too lazy to consult a thesaurus.) So many of their families are equally as warm, fun, and just incredible to share the day with and there isn't enough room within a simple blog post to go into all the little things that make them "fantastic" in their different ways. Or all the individual nuances of a couple that makes them "so amazing together." It can be truly overwhelming and other times so simple that no flurry of words would ever be needed.

So I just have to come to terms with the fact that I'm "so excited" about every wedding, I've always have a "wonderful" time, and all my brides have been so beautiful it moves me to tears just to look at them while editing. And so yes, when you see me write these sentiments over and over, I mean it each time. I suppose I really do love, love, love it all.


Kelsey said...

And I love that you love your job, because you're so amazing at it and I can't wait for you to share Cory and I's day with us next summer! I'm so excited to work with you and knowing you love what you do makes me even more confident that you'll capture our day perfectly! <3

Jessamyn Harris said...

I know just what you mean! After each post, I think, okay, well, next time I've gotta tone down the excitement. Stop using the words "love", "beautiful", "fabulous", etc... But it's kind of impossible! We are total cynical girls who now somehow get melty hearts at weddings... embrace it!

Anonymous said...

you crack me up. (and I feel the same way....nauseously so!)