Wednesday, April 02, 2008

And we’re off!

The wedding season has officially begun for me. And one of the goals this year is to actually keep up on this blog. I love sharing what I’ve experienced at all the weddings I’ve attended and it was one of my regrets last year to have to let the updating slide so I could concentrate on more pressing concerns.

Jill and Wes found me in January at the Columbus Bride Show and booked me the next day for their November 8th wedding at The Venue at the Smith Bros. They love the zoo and we decided it would be a great place for me to follow them around as they wandered this Columbus jungle.

I love when my couples get silly and play like little kids. Jill and Wes stomped through 4 inches of snow to climb a giant steel dinosaur, mocked a T-Rex fight, and had quite a good visit with the gorillas.

This little kitten worked it for all it was worth...she knew she had an audience (I think she could hear the stereo "awwwWWWwww" from Jill and me) and several times coyly looked over her shoulder making little meows at us. She knows she's pretty...and once having graced us with her short-lived attention, she turned her back to us - the show was over. "Always leave them wanting more, dahling..."

We ended their session on the path where Wes made his proposal to Jill. Check out their slideshow to see the rest of their photos. You'll see the leopard gave Jill some advice on how to get Wes off the phone. :)

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