Friday, April 04, 2008

Edit & Marc

I want to share some images from Edit and Marc's March 22nd wedding at the Hilton Easton. A fantastic Russian Jewish party - so so SO much fun. Edit promised much merriment and dancing...and everyone delivered!

I was also honoured to have the fabulous Karen Evans join me as a guest photographer. I've always admired Karen's work and her vision. There was never a dull moment during the night and we had so much fun, it was great to have another friend along with whom to appreciate the party. Kate and I were very grateful to have Karen on board!

Edit's delicate bouquet was created by Blooms Direct.

Edit looked amazing in her dress from Alan Ray Bridal.

Vera Belcher, a SmashBox makeup artist and a bridesmaid, did Edit's makeup. See how pretty she is? Edit has lovely eyes and Vera knew just how to make them pop.

Edit and Marc decided to see each other before their ketuba signing and ceremony. I'd asked Kate to have Edit's Maid of Honor "cover Marc's eyes" and bring him into the room so the surprise wouldn't be lost...I wasn't expecting this! Totally hilarious!

All the men were given a yamaka to wear during the ceremony.

Not all were so adept at wearing one. ;)

Here's a great shot Kate took from the back:

So the ceremony would not be disturbed, we moved around as little as possible. Karen planted herself in a corner behind the chuppah and was able to capture some rare glances of Edit and Marc as they faced the Rabbi.

The Russian band, Alexis, was brought out from New York to provide the music and entertainment. These guys were awesome. The reception room doors opened, they started playing, and within seconds, the dance floor started filling up...all before salad was served. They did much of the MCing in Russian and performed quite a few traditional Russian and Jewish songs.

And my favorite part of any Jewish wedding: the horah! Check out Marc's face!

Vodka is, of course, called for. ;)

The whole slideshow will follow soon. Thanks again to my associate, Kate, and to Karen Evans for joining me for this wedding and sharing their talents!


Jessica Del Vecchio said...

Kitty, these are gorgeous! I always love seeing your work!

Lisa Stein said...

Love the guys around the piano. Classic! Great idea!!!

John Sanderson said...

Love these shots, your totally my hero. I need to see more.

Anonymous said...

Kitty! How in the world were you in the exact perfect position for that horah shot? Amazing. You rock!

Brian Palmer said...

Great shots, the one with the grooms men by the piano is blaze.