Friday, April 04, 2008

Éire go brách!

So off I went to NOLA for Wolfgang's brother Kevin's wedding. I'd not met Kristin before, but I had been told she is a 6'2" beauty and a perfect match for Kevin in all capacities. The clans of Curry and O'Sullivan were to be united in wedlock...on St. Patrick's day, of course!

The whole day was perfect. The weather could not have been more gorgeous: 72F, breezy, bright, and no humidity. The wedding took place across Lake Ponchartrain and I'd never been across the bridge before....there's something really bizarre about being on a 40ft wide piece of concrete surrounded by water with no shore in sight. I've never been fond of bridges, so this was like the ultimate in horror movies for me...but of course, I love horror I rather enjoyed the ride, totally wide-eyed and unsettled. But I digress. Benedict's Plantation is a hidden gem right across the bridge in Mandeville. I love formal southern gardens and the landscaping did not disappoint. Here are some shots from the day:

The adorable flowergirl, Gabby.

Kristin is as beautiful and statuesque as I'd been told.

I love how the sun lit up Kristin's veil from just adds to her radiance.

This could very well be one of my favorite wedding images. This was immediately after they'd walked back down the aisle and disappeared out of the garden. I love the look of pure simple joy on Kristin's face and the tightness of Kevin's embrace in the first few private moments of actually being married before everyone followed to congratulate them.

Kevin and his mom.

I'm almost done editing, so check back for the slideshow!


Lisa Stein said...

What a difference, so many traditions and countrys from Irish to Russian, wedding photography is like a trip around the world, but it's all the same thing. So cool you got a shot of the peacock with feathers open and the bride and groom!

Anonymous said...

that kiss shot is breathtaking! I've missed your blog!! Yay for it being back...can't wait to see what other gorgeous work you produce this year!