Friday, April 11, 2008

Jaime & Scott

My next wedding of the season is that of Jaime and Scott's. I also did their friends, Shanti and Jason's wedding as my last wedding of 2007...a great way to end the year ~ really fun and happy people. It was so great to know I'd see them all again in a few months at J&S's Art Museum wedding.

A few weeks ago Jaime, Scott, and I went to their favorite movie theatre for their engagement shoot. Much fun was had with the popcorn...which was rendered inedible by the time we were done. They plan on stopping by the ice cream parlor on the way from the ceremony to the reception...I can't wait to see what goes down there! :D

Click on any photo to see Jaime & Scott's full slideshow.

I'm pretty sure we got one shot for each movie genre...

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laura kay photography said...

those are so fun, i love it! fabulous job kitty!